The Yard On Mass Is Dedicated To Give You The Best Experience Around!

Please review the following terms to ensure the perfect experience for all involve for your private event!



Event Details 

1) The final Bar/Event Tab must be paid at the end of the event.

2) A 25% gratuity charge will be added to the event’s final bar tab.3) Damage and Cleaning Fee:

3) A credit card is required to stay on file during the duration of your rental. Should any damage incur by the client(s) or their guests during the rental, up to a $500 fee can be charged.

4) A $50 cleaning fee will be charged the day of if there are any decorations,  food, trash, spills, etc. that require cleaning during or after an event and will  be subject to the 25% gratuity as part of the final bar tab.


1) Decorations placed by the Client(s) must be removed without damage  or residue before the end of the event. Any damage or residue left will be  subject to the Damage and Cleaning Fee.

2) No paint, chalk, nails, screws, or confetti may be used on TYOM property.  3) No candles, sparklers, or fire of any kind may be used on TYOM property.


1) Drinks are charged full price. Drink specials, such as Happy Hour, and  discounts are not valid for an event tab.

Catering Policy/Food Trucks 

  1. When reserving one of our spaces, guests may bring in desserts. However we ask that you are mindful of our food truck partners and purchase all other food through them.
  2. Except for a full buy-out, we ask guests to cater through our food truck  partners. The Yard on Mass Director of Events can provide contact points for  the food trucks.

Event Conduct and Safety 

1) TYOM is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment to all  participants, including staff and vendors. TYOM will not tolerate  discrimination, harassment, or bullying in any form.

Guests are expected to respect the rights of others.

2) For the safety of all guests, TYOM staff members have the right to not serve  alcohol to a guest at any time without providing a reason.

3) Similarly, TYOM is a family-friendly venue. TYOM staff members have the  right to ask a guest to leave if they are vulgar, intoxicated, or causing a  disturbance.

4) Children must be supervised by parents, and no alcohol will be served to  minors. Any person under the age of 21 in possession of alcohol on The Yard  on Mass property will have the drink confiscated and will be asked to leave  with a guardian.

5) No outside beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on TYOM’s  property. Those that refuse to comply will be asked to leave.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 

1) Down payments are nonrefundable. However your deposit fee may be transferred to a different date should a cancelation be required and the change can be accomodated. Cancellations must be in writing and have the new proposed dates included and emailed to  The new dates are subject to availability. Our suggestion is to pick a few dates that may work.

2) Events can be rescheduled up to 30 days before an event and will be based on  TYOM current availability.

Weather Contingency  

1) In the case of rain or inclement weather, an event at the Cabanas or Mass Oak can be moved to the designated event-space inside TYOM on a case-to case basis. It is NOT guaranteed, and the decision is to the discretion of  the TYOM Director of Events or General Manager.

2) Client(s) may rent a tent (from an outside vendor) to protect against the weather elements in the Mass Oak space and for a full buy-out of TYOM venue.

Terms and Conditions 

I certify that I am 18 years or older and that I freely waive, release from liability,  assume all risks, and covenant not to sue The Yard on Mass (TYOM) or its owners,  employees, board members, or agents for any expense, loss, damage, personal  injury, including loss of life, disability, property damage, property theft, or actions  of any kind that I may hereafter suffer or sustain before, during, or after the event.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions listed in this contract and assume  responsibility for the guests at my event.

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